The patented PushPull™ System was designed and developed in New Zealand by Nexus Developments Limited, a company that specializes in designing innovative products for the international flag and banner industry.
The system allows approved flags, banners, lighting, signage (or other objects), to be conveniently raised, lowered or repositioned, typically in difficult to reach areas.
FlagTrax® is a product that utilizes the PushPull™ system specifically to raise and lower fabric flags and banners. The flags are attached to a flexible PushPull™ rod which is then pushed up a unique track.
Nexus Developments Limited owns the international intellectual property rights to the PushPull™ system, which is protected by a number of patents and patents pending in several countries.
Patents protects the intellectual property incorporated in the apparatus for remotely raising, supporting and lowering the objects, and also covers the objects themselves when they have been designed specifically for use in the apparatus.
Another patents relate to the shape of the flag or banner designed to fit the curved or shaped track system, and more specifically to the function of the system.


FlagTrax®, FlagTrax® Duo, FlagTrax® Revolution, BannerTrax , LightTrax and other products incorporating Nexus's PushPull™ Technology, including the flags, banners, lights and other objects displayed on them are protected in many countries by numerous patents, patent applications, design registrations and copy rights, including but not limited to:

PATENTS & PATENT APPLICATIONS: New Zealand 544347 and 541624 / International PCT/NZ2012/000237/WO2013/089566 / United Arab Emirates P619/14 / Australia 2102353027 / Bahrain 20140080 / Canada 2861035 / Europe 12857578.4 / India 1445/KOLNP/2014 / Kuwait 67 PA/2014 / Qatar QA/201406/00214 / Singapore 11201402907Q / United States 14/365286 TRADE MARKS: New Zealand 799166 DESIGNS: New Zealand 417903 / Australia 201313857
Note: IP protection is expanding and evolving and details are subject to change without notice.

(Note: The international intellectual property protection of Nexus Developments Limited’s products is evolving and the above details are subject to change without notice).