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Nexus offers something unique - we design and develop innovative and unique display products specifically for the international flag and banner industry. 

Our expertise and industry knowledge comes from many years of ownership of New Zealand's largest flag and banner manufacturer.  We have since sold this company to focus solely on Nexus, but it was during the time as a flag and banner manufacturer that the need for new and exciting ways to display flags and banners became apparent. 

We recognized that sales volumes of flags and banners are directly linked to the number of flag and banner display 'hardware' products in the market - no flag or banner is attractive without anything to support it!

We also recognized that despite huge advances in textile printing technologies, flag and banner display products remained largely unchanged and price driven, usually to the detriment of style and quality.

Consequently Nexus Developments was conceived, with a strategy to design better flag and banner display products, to improve the ease of use of flags and banners, and to expand their appeal and style for both promotional and decorative purposes.

As a result Nexus products are now being manufactured within each market by our joint venture partners for supply to some to the world's leading flag and banner manufacturers. These products  complement and enhance the flags and banners they display and most importantly, provide a point of difference and  'edge' in a competitive market.

Nexus is based in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, a country acknowledged for the technological expertise it exports to the world.  Often described as the 'Coolest little capital in the world', Wellington is also known as the 'windy city', making it an excellent testing ground for the exciting new products our talented design team is constantly working on.