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We are looking for global FlagTrax distributors.

For companies involved in the soft signage industry, FlagTrax offers an easy way to earn additional revenue through sales of FlagTrax hardware and subsequent repeat sales of the flags.

FlagTrax® is an award winning, patented and proven product which significantly increase the demand for flags and banners by removing the high cost in their installation.

Depending on commitment, FlagTrax sales can become a major source of revenue and an important part of your business. 

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A little background

We are a design and development company specializing in innovative hardware for the international flag & banner industry.

In our Australian and New Zealand markets there are many thousands of banners displayed from light poles throughout towns and cities, just as they are in the USA. However, unlike the USA where static vinyl banners are the norm, soft flowing fabric banners can be seen literally everywhere ‘down under’.

Popularly known as ‘street flags’ and supported at the top and one side to ensure readability, they offer bright images that ‘glow’ in the sunshine and provide a soft, flowing movement, even the gentlest of breezes. Color and movement, the two key elements guaranteed to catch the eye.

Until recently, the huge popularity of street flags was only dampened by the high cost of installation which required specialized contractors in bucket trucks and the subsequent traffic disruption and expensive traffic management plans.

To overcome this we developed FlagTrax®, an award winning, patented and proven product which significantly increases the demand for street flags and banners by largely removing costs these costs.


What we seek

We seek distributors to sell FlagTrax Display Systems (‘Hardware’) and FlagTrax® Street Flags.

For companies involved in the flourishing soft signage industry FlagTrax® offers a great way to earn significant additional revenue - initially through sales of FlagTrax® hardware, and then subsequent on-going repeat sales of the FlagTrax® Street Flags.

Sales potential is substantial – for example, we are based in Wellington New Zealand, a small city with a population of less than 500,000. However, 400 FlagTrax® Systems are installed, and the local municipality that manages the installations is constantly changing the street flags. It varies the designs and messages to decorate, theme, promote and advertise – up to 16 times a year (potentially 6000+ Street Flags per year!), much to the delight of our local licenced FlagTrax® Street Flag manufacturers.

The benefits offered by this unique product are numerous:

For the end user:-

  • FlagTrax® will save end users $000’s of dollars every year in installation costs.
  • It will beautify main streets, towns and cities overnight for very little cost.
  • It will provide an attractive display infrastructure that can be used for decoration, promotion, messaging and theming.
  • It can offer a great opportunity for revenue generation. FlagTrax® is usually installed at prime display sites with heavy pedestrian and traffic volumes, ideal sites for advertising. These sites can be sold, or leased, and messages (Street Flags) and be changed in seconds.

For the distributor:-

  • FlagTrax® Flag and Banner Display Systems are made by a specialist manufacturer in the USA and is available at attractive distributor prices.
  • Use this new product to approach potential new customers.
  • Sell FlagTrax® Hardware and/or FlagTrax® Street Flags directly to your existing customers.
  • Continue to sell FlagTrax® Street Flags to owners and users of FlagTrax® Hardware for years to come.

To learn more about FlagTrax®, please visit: www.flagtrax.com