Flags and banners are spectacular, elegant and cost effective. They promote, inform and beautify when flying from prime sites lining our roads and streets. Until recently, their popularity was only dampened by the high costs of installation which required specialised contractors, heavy equipment and traffic management plans.

This has all changed with the introduction of FlagTrax, a unique product range incorporating PushPull technology. The patented PushPull™ System was designed and developed in New Zealand by Nexus Developments Limited and allows flags and banners to be conveniently raised and lowered in difficult to reach areas. 

FlagTrax® is the hassle free way to display and install street flags in seconds from the safety of ground level.

FlagTrax® is available in New Zealand from Nexus Australasia <click here>

Or for the rest of the world visit the FlagTrax websitr <click here>